Azores Passport Indexes: 1879-1883

Azores Passport Indexes: 1879-1883

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Passport Indexes by Town/Village
Portuguese Immigrants from the Azores to Hawaii

Compiled by Melody Lassalle

This is an adult name index to the book “Portuguese Immigrants from Azores to Sandwich Isles, 1879-1883: Passport Index”, by Robert DeMello. Honolulu : De Mello Publishing Co., [n.d.]  You will need to view each entry to find out the date the passport was applied for and the ship they were emigrating on.

The original Azorean passport registry books are online.  These are not the original passports but summaries of each individual or family.  They are arranged by date of application for passport.  If you know the date your ancestors emigrated you can search for them in the passport registry books.

You can also search the Index to the Portuguese an index to Portuguese, an index to passenger ship manifests compiled by the Hawaii State Archives.  These index cards are searchable by name.

Note: If you do not have access to the book, I will scan specific entries for a small fee. Please contact me for more information: Request Copies of Entries

Belen, Faja de Baixo
Beleiu, Ponta Delgada
Belein, Portugal?
Candelaria, Ponta Delgada
Candelos, Vila do Porto, Santa Maria Island
Cedros, Faial
Conceicao, Terceira
Conceicao, Ribeira Grande
Faial de Terra
Faja de Baixo
Faja de Cima
Faja de Lima
Fenais da Luz
Fenais da Vera Cruz
Flamingos, Faial
Lazaro, Sao Jorge
Lisboa, Portugal
Mae de Deus, Povoacao
Maia, Ribeira Grande
Maia, Ponta Delgada
Matriz, Pontda Delgada
Matriz, Ribeira Grande
Matriz, Vila do Porto, Santa Maria Island
Matriz, Vila Franca, Sao Miguel Island
Ponta Delgada
Pico de Pedra
Ponta do Sol, Madeira
Ponta Garca
Purificacao, Vila do Porto, Santa Maria Island
Porto Formoso
Rabo de Peixe
Ribeira Grande
Ribeira Quente
Rosario, Nordeste
Ribeira Seca, Vila Franca
Salga, Nordeste
Santa Barbara, Ribeira Seca, Ribeira Grande
Santa Barbara, Santa Maria Island
Santa Barbara, Vila do Porto, Santa Maria Island
Santa Cruz
Santa Luzia, Falcriar
Santa Maria Island
Santiago, Sao Jorge
Santo Antonio, Ponta Delgada
Santo Antonio, Sao Miguel Island
Santo Antonio, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
Santo Esperito, Santa Maria Island
Santo Esperito, Vila do Porto, Santa Maria Island
Sao Jorge
Sao Jorge Island
Sao Jorge, Nordeste
Sao Jose, Ponta Delgada
Sao Paulo, Ribeira Quente
Sao Pedro, Nordeste
Sao Pedro, Nordestinho
Sao Pedro, Ponta Delgada
Sao Pedro, Ribeira Grande
Sao Pedro, Ribeira Seca, Ribeira Grande
Sao Pedro, Vila do Porto
Sao Pedro, Vila Franca
Sao Roque
Sao Tiago, Sao Jorge Island
Sao Tome, Africa
Sao Vicente
Sete Cidades
Tomas, Portugal
Valincia do Mindro
Vila de Azeitao, Portugal
Vila de Cascius aka Vila de Cascais, Portugal
Vila do Porto, Santa Maria Island
Vila Franca de Xira, Portugal
Vila Franca, Sao Miguel Island
Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal
Vina, Conceicao, Ribeira Grande
Vizen (Manz) aka Viseu, Portugal

Note: This index includes some individuals who were from Madeira, Portugal, and other locations. As they were listed in Demello’s book, they are included in the index.

&copy 2002-2017 Melody Lassalle

Updated 7/12/2017

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