Passport Index: Maia, Ribeira Grande

Passport Index: Maia, Ribeira Grande

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Passport Records
Index to Immigrants
from Maia, Sao Miguel Island to Hawaii, 1879-1883

Compiled by Melody Lassalle from the book, “Portuguese Immigrants from Azores to Sandwich Isles, 1879-1883: Passport Index”, by Robert DeMello. Honolulu : De Mello Publishing Co., [n.d.]


Name of Head of Family


1 Aguiar, Antonio Felix d’ Conceicao, Emilia da
2 Aguiar, Joao Luis d’ Conceicao, Tereza Julia da
4 Aguiar, Manoel Felix Conceicao, Maria Julia da
5 Albina, Rosa do Amaral
34 Barbosa, Joao Pacheco Trindade, Leopoldina da (S. Jose, Ponta Delgada)
46 Botelho, Jose
49 Braga, Diniz de Carreira, Francisca
49 Braga, Jose de Luiza Maria
50 Braga, Zosimo Conceicao, Maria do
54 Cabral, Francisco da Costa (Widower)
64 Caetano, Manoel Emilia, Rosa
64 Caetano, Manoel Monte, Rosa do
81 Carreiro, Antonio
84 Carreiro, Jose Jacinta, Rosa
84 Carreiro, Jose Vieira, Rosa
86 Carreiro, Manoel Claudina, Maria
148 Carvalho, Francisca da Conceicao
93 Carvalho, Menandro
94 Casimiero, Antonio Jacinto
95 Castanho, Joao Victorino, Maria
196 Conceicao, Julia da
105 Coreia, Caetano Ignacio
151 Frias, Francisco
165 Geronimo, Manoel de Mello Conceicao, Filomena da (Matriz, Ribeira Grande)
197 Laurenco, Manoel Clara, Jacinta
222 Mariano, Jose Pimentel Silva, Francisco da (Bretanha)
226 Martins, Joao Antonia Anjos, Maria dos
247 Medeiros, Manoel Gonsalves de Braga, Ermelinda da
251 Melo, Antonio Conceicao, Maria da
256 Melo, Jose de Joaquina, Maria
260 Mendonca, Tasso Pacheco de Conceicao, Miguelina Augusta da
265 Moniz, Jose (Widower) Conceicao, Jacinta da (deceased)
271 Moreira, Manoel Conceicao, Maria da
274 Narcimento [sic], Francisca de
282 Pacheco, Francisco (Mae de Deus, Povoacao) Nicolau, Francisca
290 Pacheco, Manoel Bento Canto, Maria do
291 Pacheco, Maria
306 Pereira, Jacinto
313 Pereira, Venceslau Jesus, Florencia Emilia de
176 Pereira?, Jacinta da Conceicao
316 Pimentel, Manoel de (Villa Franca) Esperanca, Maria da
317 Ponte, Amansio Santa, Maria
319 Ponte, Jose da Soares, Julia
319 Ponte, Jose da
321 Ponte, Manoel da Eugenia, Francisca
322 Pragana, Antonio da Costa Conceicao, Maria da
330 Raposo, Manoel Rosa, Jacinta
332 Raposo, Manoel Capiedo Rosa, Jacinta
332 Raposo, Manoel Pedro
349 Rocha, Manoel da Rosa, Emilia
383 Sousa, Francisco de Conceicao, Jacinta da
407 Tavares, Manoel de Sousa
422 Vieira, Jose

Note: All individuals are from Maia, Sao Miguel Island, Azores except where noted in parenthesis. Please refer to the book for more information about each person.

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