Description of the Voyage of the S.S. Braunfels to Hawaii 1895

Description of the Voyage of the S.S. Braunfels to Hawaii 1895

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This is the description of the voyage of the SS Braunfels from the Azores Islands.  It made port in Hawaii 4 April of 1895.  There were seven deaths and five births on this voyage.

Portuguese Contract Labor:  Steamer Braunfels Brings a Number of Them

The German steamer, Braunfels, under Captain Werkmeister arrived early Wednesday morning with 732 Portuguese immigrants, and 500 tons of general cargo for H. Hackfield & Co. The Braunfels, after spending 3 days at Oporto, Portugal, sailed from that port February 6 and arrived at Ponta Delgada four days later. After leaving the latter place, she sailed directly for Honolulu, passing through the Straits of Magellan with the exception of a number of heavy gales and high seas.

The voyage of the Braunfels was a very favorable one, over 260 miles a day was the average. This is considered fast time for the Braunfels. The northeast trades were struck when 5 days from this port.

Of the 732 Portuguese immigrants landed at the Quarantine Station from the Braunfels yesterday afternoon, 392 are men, 180 are women, and 160 are children. The number taken from the Azores was 734. There were 7 deaths and 5 births on the voyage. The deaths were confined to the children, otherwise the immigrants were in a healthy condition. They will be dispatched to their respective plantations as soon as their time expires at the Quarantine Station.

The arrival of the Braunfels was on April 4, 1895, and over $200.00 a piece was expanded in procuring and dispatching the Portuguese laborers. The Planters Labor and Supply Co. held a meeting yesterday, April 5, 1895 to discuss matters in connection with the arrival and the disposition of the Portuguese laborers that arrived on the S.S. Braunfels. It is likely that some of the Portuguese laborers who came on the Braunfels will be sent off to other islands today, April 8, 1895. They are now at the Quarantine Station in charge by Wray Taylor, Secretary to the Board of Immigration. The contracts are being acknowledged by J.M. Vivas and the signature of Mr. Caravarro, Portuguese Consul General is also necessary on these. They are being well cared for and have plenty to eat. Fresh beef, vegetables, potatoes, bread, beans, etc. go over to them daily.

On Saturday, April 6, 1895, Father Valentin went to the Immigration grounds and baptized several children born during the voyage. Yesterday, Sunday, in the Catholic Church, the Bishop married 12 couples from the S.S. Braunfels. They were taken to church and back in a large bus. The Portuguese Band played in the grounds during the Sunday afternoon for the married couples and visitors, and there was a large number of visitors at the station from the town, Honolulu.

Article printed in the the Pacific Commercial Advertiser, 5 April 1895. The original article may be viewed on the Library of Congress website.

Is Your Ancestor Missing From the Braunfels’ Passenger List?

If you think your ancestors arrived on the Braunfels you may want to read this article.  Apparently, there was confusion in the Azores and a proper list of passengers was not constructed before leaving.  When the passengers were brought into quarantine at Hawaii, the Portuguese Consulate then did a proper accounting.

On Quarantine Island:  Scenes of Confusion Among the New Immigrants

This is another description of the Braunfel’s arrival:
Portuguese Immigrants:  The Braunfels Arrives with More Than Seven Hundred


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