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Heritage Websites
Aloha Joe Hawaiian Radio

Hawaii Visitors and Conventions Bureau

Hawaiian Musicians (Links to their Websites)

History Websites
Bishop Museum

Kalaupapa National Historical Park--Molokai

Labor History in Hawaii

Women and Work in Hawaii Exhibit

Genealogy Research Websites
1930 US Census Info. from the NARA

Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter Home Page Beginners Center

Hawaii Public Library System

Honolulu County Genealogical Society

Portuguese Hawaiian Databases and Indexes

Research Tool Box

Vital Records Information
Check out this website to learn the latest procedures and pricing for ordering birth, marriage, death, and divorce records.


Heritage Websites
Azores Tourist Guide

Beautiful Azores

Internet Radio: Portugal

Luso-Canadian Website

Maps of Portugal

O Jornal: The Portuguese Journal

Portuguese Canadian Accomplishments

Portuguese Post Daily News

Genealogy Research Websites
Azores GenWeb

Fernando Candido's Portuguese Home Page

Sephardic Genealogy

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