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Portuguese Sweet Bread
Submitted by Patricia Corbera (Mom's Version)

Mix at 10:30 pm to rise all night and be high at about 5:00 am...
Mix the following together and set aside:
3 cubes yeast
3 cups luke warm water
1 egg
1 tbls sugar
3 cups flour
1 tsp salt

Beat 2 doz eggs, 4 cups of sugar, melt 1 lb. margarine in a large pot, add 5 lbs of flour, juice from one lemon. In the mix add some of the flour to the eggs and sugar and beat good, put into the pan with the flour and mix by hand good.

Add the melted margarine and mix good. Set aside, cover the pan with a sheet/large dish towel, and a blanket, allow mixture to rise full in the pan.

Shape into loaves or buns. Grease the pans. Let rise again. Put flour on hands when shaping.

Heat oven to 350. Beat 1 egg slightly; brush over loaves. Bake until loaves are golden brown, abt 35-45 min.

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