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December 14, 1891

Hilo, Hawaii

Sunday, 3:00 to 4:30 p.m.

We the undersigned have come to signify our faith in Christ

We know we are sinners but Christ forgives our sins.

We can truthfully say that our love is in Christ and we are determined to do whatever Christ wants us to do.

We are determined to continue in a habit of secret prayer; and those of us who families to maintain daily prayers with our families. This habit of prayer in secret with our families is accompanied with literature and the word of Jesus in the home of those who have Bibles and know how to read and we shall make an effort to pray and teach other families who know not how to read.

It is also our determination when convenient to attend and take part in ceremonial gatherings of religious prayers, we consider these gatherings very necessary for our spiritual blessings.

Finally it is our desire to unite and make a pact together and thereby form into a Christian Church.

Now therefore by those means we resolve that the time and place be designated as soon as we can get united permanently and decide with intent of forming a church truthfully recognized with Christ.

Signed by 75 such as:

Jose Vieira, Agusto Gomes Serrao, Manuel Silva Canario, Francisco Sousa, Francisco Sousa, Sr., Francisco Sousa, Jr., Manuel Sousa, Joa Sousa, Joao Vieira, Jacintho Costa, Joao Figueira Faros, Bernard, Frincisco, Nerod, Jose, & Bernad Camara, Jr., Jacintho Gonslaves, Andrew Anderson, Casimero Carvalho, Manuel Miguel, tomas Falentino, Antone Gomes Serrao, Manuel Mattos & Family (4), Victorino Jose Pas & Wife Maria & children Jesus, Frank, Antone, Manuel Victorino Pas & Mother Issabella Jesus, Francisco Duarte, Wife & Mother, Jose Correiro & Wife, Manuel Jacintho, Manuel Jacintho, Manuel Ignacio Cabral, Sr., & Wife, Jose Ignacio Cabral, Jaoa Abrew & Wife, Jaoa Ferreira & Wife and Children Virginia & Joao, Arvelinho Pacheco, Wife & Manuel & Jose Jacintho I. Camara, Manuel Sousa Tavares, Ventura Camara, Manuel Ventura, Manuel Maria & Mother, Joao Jacintho & Mother, Antonio Vasconcellos of Onomea, Manuel Cacheiro, Wife & Mariana and Gloria Cachcira, Manuel Perreira, Jose Boas, Joao Jardin, Ludevina Jese Rose Perreira, Olivia Perreira.

We still have one charter member who is still a member of our Church Mrs. Gloria Cama who was a Miss Gloria Caceiro

Note: Thank you to Sandy Sakai for transcribing this resolution for us. The names have been transcribed as seen on the original document.

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