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Early Settlers from the Island of Flores to Hawaii Before 1879
Compiled by Melody Lassalle

These Portuguese settlers came from the island of Flores to Hawaii. They all arrived before the sugar plantation era began in 1879.

Given Name Surname Residence Birth Death Marriage Occupation Imm/Nat Notes BK 1 BK 2
Antone Sylva Waikapu
8 Feb 1854, Honolulu Malia Keopukane or Maria August in Wailuku Sugar Cane Grower I: ca 1828 Was the first to grow sugar cane on Maui; AKA Akoni; Portuguese Sailor 31 109
William Tilton
ca 1821
Kanekapolei Tanner N: 6 Dec 1844
38 134
Jose Ferreira Honolulu

Hawaii Passport issued 9 Feb 1849 43 31
Jose Rickard Kalihi, Kona, Oahu

5 Feb 1859, Kalihi, Oahu
N:17 Jan 1859 Wife's name not given 66 85
Joe Flores Honolulu

Kaikuaana, 4 Apr 1864
N: 4 May 1864
75 33
Joseph Freitscha Honolulu

Kanekopolei, ca 1845 Ship carpenter N: 18 Feb 1848 May be Jose Fredsha, boat steerer on the Holden Border, which left HI 1844 31 40

Note: The information in this index comes from the two book listed below. Key:
BK 1 refers to Portuguese in Hawaii Before 1879.
BK 2 refers to Portuguese Immigrants to Hawaii.
The number in each of those columns refers to the page number for each person's information. The books should be referred to as more information may be present than what is included in this chart.

Also note, in the Imm/Nat column. Imm refers to a date of immigration and Nat refers to date of naturalization. Entries preceded by I: represent immigration and those preceded by N: represent naturalization.

1. Portuguese in Hawaii Before 1879, by Edgar C. Knowlton. Hawaii Council on Portuguese Heritage : 1995.
2. Portuguese Immigrants to Hawaii, Compiled by Edgar C. Knowlton. Maui Portuguese Cultural Club : 1993.

© 2004 Melody Lassalle

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