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The British steamship Willesden is in after a good voyage. Completing the finest voyage in history of immigrations to Hawaii, the British ship, Willesden, under the command of Captain Cox, arrived off port yesterday afternoon, March 30, 1913, after 49 days out of the city of Gibraltar, and 20 days from Puenta Arenas, her port of call.

She was unexpectedly held off port pending the agreement of a bond which will be provided by F.L. Walson & Co.

(The Willesden carried a total of 1,358 immigrants: 491 men, 377 women and 490 children.)

Excerpts from The Pacific Commercial Advertiser Weekly, Hawaii State Library (Micro-film)

Thank you to Sandy Sakai for this contribution.
© 2003 Melody Lassalle

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