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MEMORANDA - Notice to Mariners.

Left St. Michaels on Oct 15th at 4 p.m., with a fresh north-east wind; after that had moderate trade winds to 1st 10 N. Crossed the Equator on Nov 1st in lon 33 W. From thence had light south-east trades to 15 S, then light south and south-west winds to Cape Horn, which was passed on Dec 7th. From thence had strong north-west and westerly gales to 35 South; then light winds and calms to Easter Island, which place we passed on January 1st, within two miles, and exchanged colors with those on shore. From thence had moderate south-east trades to the Equator. Crossed the Equator on the 11th January in lon 120 W. Light south winds to 8 N, then moderate north-east trades with squalls to port. Had four births and two deaths during the passage. One of the deaths was a child nine months old, and the other was an adult who accidentally fell while going down the ladder into the hold. Spoke the following vessels: Dec 10, Brit ship Ben Crucan, steering north-east; Dec 11, Brit bk Mallagate, steering east; Jan 14, Am bktne A C Dickerman, from Victoria, B C, bound to London.

* insert (Manuel Ferreira, sgl. 25 yrs, child is not identified on the passenger list) - Hawaii Archives.

IMPORTS from London, per Highflyer, Jan 24 - 256 pkgs, paints and oils, 947 pkgs liquors, (?) cases dry good, 2 cs crockery 600 bbls cement, 20,000 brick, 520 pkgs in transit.

ALONG THE WHARVES Brit bk Highflyer occupies the steamboat wharf discharge cargo and her Portuguese emigrant supplies.

VESSELS for Honolulu from Foreign Ports (24 Jan 1880-The Pacific Commercial Advertiser)

Brit sp Highflyer, London via St. Michaels, sailed from London Sept 9.
* Note on spelling of last name: Hawking as spelled in the P.C. Advertiser and Hawkins as spelled on the passenger list in Hawaii Archives. Captain Signature on list.

Excerpts from The Pacific Commercial Advertiser Weekly, Saturday, 31 Jan 1880, Hawaii State Library (Micro-film)

Thank you to Sandy Sakai for this contribution.
© 2003 Melody Lassalle

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