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Informative Books and Articles Available on the Web
General Genealogy

1900: A Year in the Life of America
A look at changing life in America at the turn of the

1911 Encyclopedia Brittanica
Ever wonder what was known about the world during your ancestors' time? Now you can view the 1911 Encyclopedia online. Interesting information about Hawaii, Azores, Madeira, Portugal, and more.

Childhood Diseases in the Victorian Age, Part I: The Families
Karen Frisch takes a look at childhood dieseases at the turn of the

Copyright Law
Explanation of Copyright

Cousins Explained
An explanation of cousin relationships.

Rules of ethics for

General researcher

Explanation of Primary and Secondary Sources
Understand the difference between primary and secondary

Freedom of Information Act
Explanation on the Freedome of Information

Genealogy Glossary
Glossary of terms used in

Latin Genealogy Word List
Latin is the language of the Catholic Church and used in Hawaiian church records. Learn words you might encounter in your

Occupations and Jobs
This section covers occupations past and Staff

Old Occupations Explained
Definitions of old

Reading Old Handwriting
Understanding old handwriting is key to reading the documents of our

Hawaiian Heritage and Research

Anti-Annexation Petitions
Historical information and documents on the anti-annexation movement, 1897-1898.--Univ. of Hawaii at Manoa

Hawaiian Language Dictionary
Some early civil records are in Hawaiian. Here's a dictionary to help you translate.--Mo'o and Loo

Hawaiian group wants to honor islands' music with a real hall of fame
Hawaii Music Hall of Fame wants to set up a permanent home for it's collection.--San Francisco Chronicle

Hawaii's Many Cultures Bring Variety to Soups
Lina Medeiros who has researched old cookbooks looks into why soup was important for the many cultures of Hawaii.--Honolulu Advertiser

Hawaii's Sugar Industry
An introduction to Hawaii's Sugar Industry.--Judy Vorfeld

History of the Grove Farm Plantation, 1864-1974
History of the Grove Farm Sugar Plantation of Kauai--William K. Yamanaka

History of the Kipu Plantation and Ranch, 1900-2000
History of the Kipu Sugar Plantation and Ranch.--William K. Yamanaka and Patricia Smith Rice

History of the McBryde Plantation, 1899-1996
A history of the McBryde Sugar Plantation of Kauai--William K. Yamanaka and Takeo Fuji

The Immigrant Wave
A look at the various migrations to Hawaii.--Honolulu-Star Bulletin Newspaper

Keiki to Kupuna
Interesting collection of stories on the diversity of Hawaii. A couple of stories refer to Portuguese descendants.--Honolulu Star Bulletin

Lihue Sugar Plantation Closes
Lihue Sugar Plantation on Kauai closes for business.--Honolulu Star Bulletin
Macfie Sugar Operations
Historical information on the holdings of Macfie Sugar Company.

Oahu Cemetery Shares History on the Internet
Oahu Cemetery announces it's new historical website. --Honolulu Star Bulletin

Obituary of Robert S. DeMello, Author of Passport Books
The author of Madeiran and Azorean passport index books passed away.--Honolulu Star Bulletin

The Pokiki: the Portuguese Traditions
Article written by Chris Cook about the Portuguese in Hawaii.--Islander Magazine

Register of the Hilo Coast Processing Co. (Pepeekeo Sugar)

Stories About Hawaii A collection of stories covering different aspects of Hawaiian history.--America's Story

Waipahu Turns 100
100 year anniversary of Waipahu.--Honolulu Star Bulletin

Portuguese Heritage and Research

Azoreans to California: A History of Migration and Settlement
A book on the migrations of Azoreans to California. Includes historical information about the Azores Islands.--Robert L. Santos

Basic Portuguese Paleography
Excerpted by Kathy Cardoza from the resource published by the LDS Church Family History Library.

Brazil: A Country Study
This book covers the history and heritage of Brasil (Brazil). It includes information on geography, early history, the monarchies, family, demographics, and so forth.--Edited by Rex A. Hudson

European Voyages of Exploration
Portuguese and Spanish explorers made many discoveries in the 15th and 16th Century. Learn about those adventurers.--Univ. of Calgary

Catholic Encyclopedia: Azores
Historical information on the Azores Islands.

Finding Your Portuguese Roots
This research guide contains helpful information for Portuguese researchers in the US as well as Azores, Madeira, and Portugal--Cheri Mello

Genealogia Paulistana
Genealogies of various Portuguese families. (9 volumes covered)--Luiz Gonzaga Silva Leme

Geography Translations
Ever wonder what Portuguese terms like achada, arco, lombo, or ribeira mean? This list compiled by Rick Barletta gives the definitions of many Portuguese geographic terms.

Journal of 156 Days
The only known journal written by passengers of a voyage from Madeira to Hawaii during the sugar plantation era. The journal was written by Joao Baptista d'Oliveira and Vicente Ornellas. It covers their journey on the Thomas Bell.

The Lists Page
Assorted Portuguese words (months, relationships, professions, etc.) translated into English.

O Portal da Historias
Biographical information on the Kings, Queens, and Presidents of Portugal.

Portugal Dicionario Historico
Historical dictionary of Portugal.--Joao Romano Torres

Portuguese-English Phrase Dictionary
John's Little Portuguese-English Phrase Dictionary is an excellent resource for anyone translating Portuguese baptismal, marriage, or death records.

Portugal: A Country Study
This book covers the history and heritage of Portugal. It includes information on geography, early history, the monarchies, family, demographics, and so forth.--Edited by Eric Solsten

Research Guide for Madeira
Ready to research in Madeira? Pat Corbera has put together an excellent list of resources for the Madeiran researcher.--Patricia Corbera

Ships of the Discoveries
Information on Portuguese explorations and the ships used in these voyages.

Some Sample Documents
Portuguese baptismal, marriage, and death records translated line for line into English.

Stories of Californian Azorean Immigrants: An Anthology of Personal Life Sketches
A collection of stories about Azorean who migrated to California--Robert L. Santos.


Azores Islands
Maps of the Azores Islands--Kathy Cardoza

Map of

Map of the island of Hawaii.--Best of Hawaii

Hawaiian Islands
Historic maps of the Hawaiian Islands--University of Texas

Map of the island of Kauai.--Best of Hawaii

Map of the island of Lanai.--Best of Hawaii

Map of the island of

Map of the island of Maui.--Best of Hawaii

Map of the island of Molokai.--Best of Hawaii

Map of the island of Oahu.--Best of Hawaii

Map of

Maps of Portugal (including the Azores and Madeira)

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