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List of Portuguese Passengers on the SS Wilhelmina, January 1914

From Hawaii to California
By Melody Lassalle

Surname Given Name Age Sex Country Citizen Of Time Entered Insular PossessionCounty Alien Entered Insular PeninsulaFinal Destination
FontesJose de35mPortugalResident for 30 years
CamaraManoel da35mPortugalResident for 30 years
AmaralMaria da Estrella24fPortugalResident for 19 years
CamaraPhilomena da33fPortugalResident for 19 years
MenezesPhilippe Joaquin73mPortugalResident for 30 years
GouveaJoao Gonsalves48mPortugal27 Jun 1907PortugalSF

Ship Information:
SS Wilhelmina
Left Honolulu 28 Jan 1914
Arrived in San Francisco 3 Feb 1914

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