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List of Portuguese Passengers on the SS Maui #4, July 1917

From Hawaii to California
By Melody Lassalle

First Name Surname Age Closest relative in Country Person was native of
ManuelBaptista26Frank Taxcitara (Uncle) Madeira
Antone V.Galamba32Jose Mendonca (friend) Hilo
ChirspinMoniz24Don Perry (friend) Hilo
AntoneSouza75John Nobriga (friend) Hono.
Jochima D.Souza61
Maria J.Frierra64Joe De Souza (friend) 2079 Bentana St.
ManuelKyes42Gasper Silva (friend) Honolulu

Ship Information:
SS Maui #4
Left Honolulu 11 Jul 1917
Arrived in San Francisco No Date Given

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