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The Wailea Milling Company, 1938-1939

Established in 1921 in Hakalau, Hawaii
Capacity 250 tons of cane per 24 hours

Excerpted from "Gilmore's Hawaii Sugar Manuel, 1938-1939", page 241.

President: August S. Costa
Vice President: Satoru Kurisu
Treasurer: R.B. Booth
Secretary: Ant. S. Costa
Directors: M. Uehara, James Parker, and U. Nagahama
Manager: Aug. S. Costa
Agents: Fred L. Waldron and R.B. Booth
Cashier: Ant. S. Costa
Bookkeeper: H. Ochiai
Team Overseer & Time Keeper: S. Kurisu
Head Carpenter: Manuel Pacheco
Engineer: John J. Vieira
Sugar Boiler: Martin Nunes
Machinist: P.S. Costa
Store Keeper: Frank V. Toledo

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