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My Thanksgiving Day Genealogy Thank You List
By Melody Lassalle

As a genealogist, you get many opportunities to be frustrated and even angry. No documents, only first names recorded, and no one to ask questions! The list of pet peeves is endless.

There are also many things to be thankful for. There's that relative who remembered her grandparent's full names, the cemetery employee who brought out endless, musty tomes for your perusal, and the volunteer who transcribed census records then added them to a website. The positives surely must outweighs the negatives--or we'd just give up!

This year I've had the genealogy God's smile on me, so now I'll give my thanks:

1. Thanks to my friend in France working in the vital records unit who took it upon herself to locate records in my ancestors home town.
2. Thanks to the old, delapidated shed that reveal it's secret after 30 years: a mildewed valise holding close to 300 photos dating from 1920-1975.
3. Thanks to my Pacheco cousins who visited a cemetery in Honolulu and brought back photos of tombstones.
4. Thanks to all the cousins who conitnually answer my questions, look at photographs, and tell me long forgotten tales.
5. Thanks to those who've volunteered time on IslandRoutes to help other researchers.
6. Thanks to countless website owners who've provided the information I need to do research.
7. Thanks to my researcher friend who provided a link from my family in Maia, Ribeira Grande to nobility.
8. Thanks to family members who put up with the tales I tell.
9. Thanks to having opportunities to share what I have collected with other researchers.
10.Thanks to all my researching cousin (you know who you are!) who have taken the time to send me corrections, descendants charts, GEDCOMs, and photographs.

It's really in the sharing that we show how thankful we are. Information sitting on a shelf that is never shared doesn't do much good. It seems against the spirit of genealogy. You honor your ancestors by making sure their stories are heard. You can do that only by passing what you've got on to others. So give thanks and pass it on!
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