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Sugar Plantations of Oahu
by Melody Lassalle

Most Portuguese Hawaiian researchers want to know more about the plantations their ancestors worked on. Learning about those sugar plantations is just a click away! Explore the plantations of Oahu via the Internet.

Apokaa Sugar Co.
Established in 1903. It was a subsidiary of Ewa Plantation and associated with Castle and Cooke. The first crop in 1903 was 610 tons. The managers from 1903-1936 were George Renton Sr. and George Renton Jr.
Location: Ewa
Register of the Apokaa Sugar Co.

Ewa Plantation Co.
Established in 1890 with 11,000 acres of land. The first manager was W.J. Lowrie. The first crop was harvested in 1892. Ewa was the first plantation to do a mechanical harvest (1936). In 1962, Castle and Cooke took controlling interest in Ewa Plantation and in 1970 it merged with Oahu Sugar Company of Waipahu.
Location: Ewa
Ewa 1 (Baldwin Steam Locomotive)
Historical Colors of Ewa Plantation Village
Register of the Ewa Plantation Co.

Honolulu Sugar Co.
Established ca 1890; Also known as the Aiea Sugar Mill. Merged with Oahu Sugar co. It is listed in the National Register of Historic Places.
Location: Aiea
Bitter Pill for Historic Sugar Mill
National Register of Historic Places-Honolulu County

Kahuku Plantation Co.
Established Unknown. Once a subsidiary of Alexander & Baldwin.
Location: Kahuku
Former Plantation Neighborhoods: Kahuku

Oahu Sugar Co.
Established in 1894 at the inspiration of Benjamin Dilligham. The first crop of sugar cane was harvested in 1899. Eventually the plantation spanned 20,000 acres of which 94% was leased. A. Ahrens was the first manager in 1897. In 1912, they became the first plantation to install a 12 roller mill. Oahu Sugar skilled laborers were mostly from Germany. Their unskilled laborers were Portuguese, Filipino, Japanese, Chinese and Norwegian. The community had it's own baseball team as well as a hospital which was built in 1920. In 1925, the plantation work force was approximately 10,000. Oahu Sugar Co. ceased production in 1940.
Location: Waipahu (East of Honolulu on the slopes of Waianae and Koolau mountains)
Oahu Sugar Company Memories
Photograph of a 12 Roller Mill
Register of Oahu Sugar Co.

Waialua Plantation Co.
Established about 1898. William Hooper was the owner. The plantation became what is known as C&H Sugar Company. In 1945, workers voted to join the ILWU. The sugar planation closed down 4 Oct 1996. Dole Corporation took over the plantation after 1996.
Location: Waialua, North Shore of Oahu
Former Plantation Neighborhoods: Waialua
Kawailoa (Mill Camp for Waialua Plantation
Waialua and Hale'iwa
Waialua Sugar Mill

Waianae Co.
Established ca. 1879; Closed in 1946.
Location: Waianae
Hero Kept WWII Deeds Quiet
Lucky You Live in Hawaii (Manager's House Description)

Waimanalo Sugar Co.
Established: 1881; Closed in 1947.
Location: near Poalima Street
Waimanalo Plantation Memories

No information found on these plantations:
Heeia Agricultural Co.
Laie Plantation

Updated 4/9/2015
© 2005-2015 Melody Lassalle
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