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Sugar Plantations of Maui
by Melody Lassalle

Most Portuguese Hawaiian researchers want to know more about the plantations their ancestors worked on. Learning about those sugar plantations is just a click away! Explore the plantations of Maui via the Internet.

Alexander & Baldwin Co.
Established in 1869 by Samuel T. Alexander and Henry P. Baldwin, sons of missionaries. The first crop was produced in 1870. This was the start of the sugar empire known as A&B Co.
Location: Between Paia & Makawao
The Beginning

Haiku Sugar Co.
Established in 1870 by Alexander & Baldwin Co.
Location: Haiku
Haiku Mill: The History

Hana Mill
Established in 1849 by George Wilfong. The mill burned down in 1850s. Wilfong quit the sugar business at that point.
Location: Hana

Hana Sugar Co. aka Ka'eleku Sugar Co.
Established in 1864 by August and Oscar Unna, brothers of Dutch descent. It was originally called the Hana Sugar Co, but was later combined with Ka'eleku Sugar Co. and given that name. The plantation was purchased in 1944 by Paul I. Fagan and converted to a ranch.
Location: Hana
Hana Sugar Company Photograph/a>

Hawaiian Commercial & Sugar Co.
Established in 1882. Became a part of part of Alexander & Baldwin Co. in 1898, but didn't officially merged until 1962. Sugar cane is processed at the Puunene Mill.
Location: Puunene and Kahului
Hawaiian Commercial & Sugar Co.
Maui Sugar Museum

Olowalu Sugar Co.
Location: Olowalu

Paia Plantation
Established ca. 1875 by Alexander & Baldwin Co. Closed down in 2000.
Location: Paia
Paia Plantation Reunion
Maui Remembers Book Excerpt

Pioneer Mill Co.
Established in 1861 by James Campbell, an Irish Sailor. The Mill had 10,000 workers in 1910. Closed down in 1999.
Location: Lahaina
A Look Back At Maui's Agricultural Past

Spreckels Sugar Mill
Established in 1880 by Claus Spreckels, owner of sugar refineries in California. The town of Spreckelsville grew around the mill.
Location: Spreckelsville
Maui Remembers Book Excerpt

Waihee Plantation aka Lewers Plantation
Established ca. 1860. Renamed the Lewers Plantation. It was managed in 1863 by Samuel T. Alexander prior to the founding of Alexander & Baldwin Co.
Location: Waihee
An American Sugar Mill

Wailuku Sugar Co.
Originally a sugar plantation, but later became the Wailuku Agribusiness--producing macadamia nuts. Closed down in 1999.
Location: Wailuku
Bailey House
Wailuku Town Getting A New Lease on Life
Wailuku Agribusiness Ends

No information could be located on these plantations:

Hamoa Plantation
Kipahulu Plantation
Nahiki Sugar Co.

Updated 4/9/2015
© 2003-2015 Melody Lassalle
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