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Sugar Plantations of Kauai
by Melody Lassalle

Most Portuguese Hawaiian researchers want to know more about the plantations their ancestors worked on. Learning about those sugar plantations is just a click away! Explore the plantations of Kauai via the Internet.

Gay and Robinson
Established 1889 by a partnership between Elizabeth McHutcheson Sinclair, Aubrey Robinson, and Francis Gay.
Location: Makaweli
Sugar Era Ends on Kauai
Sugar Tour Takes the Cake-Honolulu Star Bulletin

Grove Farm Plantation
Established 1864 by George Wilcox.
The Plantation was run by the Wilcox family until operations ceased in 1974.
Location: Lihue
Grove Farm Sugar Plantation Museum
Grove Farm Homestead

Kekaha Sugar Company
Established in 1856 by Valdemar Knudsen.
Became Kekaha Sugar Company in 1878.
Location: Kekaha
Kekaha Sugar Company -- Kauai - Ghost Town
Final Harvest

Kilauea Sugar Plantation
Established 1877 by John Ross and E.P. Adams.
Closed 1971.
Location: Kilauea
Finding Aid for Kilauea Sugar Plantation Records
Kilauea Sugar Plantation History

Kipu Plantation
Established 1907 by Charles Atwood Rice.
Closed April 1942.
Location: Kipu

Koloa Sugar Company
Established in 1835 by for Ladd & Co.
Koloa was the first commercial sugar plantation in the Hawaiian Islands. Koloa merged with Grove Farms in 1948.
Location: Koloa
The Koloa Sugar Company Mill -- Kauai - Ghost Town
Old Koloa Sugar Mill -- Kauai - Ghost Town

Lihue Sugar Plantation
Established 1849 by W.L. Lee.
Lihue merged with MaKee in 1933 and was closed in 2000.
Location: Lihue
Lihu'e Sugar Plantation - Ghost Town

MaKee Plantation
Established 1877 by Capt. James MaKee and George A. Macfarlane.
King David Kalakaua was a part owner of the plantation. The Kealia & Kapaa Plantations were renamed MaKee. MaKee was sold to Lihue Plantation in 1916. It was closed in 1934 and operations were moved to Lihue.
Location: Kealia
MaKee Sugar Plantations (formerly Kealia and Kapaa Plantations)

McBryde Plantation
Established 1899 by Theo H. Davis Company.
Formerly known as the Eleele Sugar Plantation. Was named McBryde due to the fact that most of the land was owned by the McBryde Family though the McBryde family was not involved with the plantation. Ended production in Sept 1996.
Location: Eleele, Kalaheo, and Lawai
Register of McBryde Sugar Plantation

Updated 4/9/2015
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