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Sugar Plantation Histories: Island of Hawaii
by Melody Lassalle

Most Portuguese Hawaiian researchers want to know more about the plantations their ancestors worked on. Learning about those sugar plantations is just a click away! Explore the plantations of Hawaii via the Internet.

Halawa Plantation
No information on this plantation.
Hamakua Sugar Company
Established in 1899; Stopped production in 1990.
Hamakua Mill Co. consisted of these plantations: Hamakua Mill Company, Honokaa Sugar, Kaiwiki Sugar, Kukaiau Plantation Co., Laupahoehoe Sugar, Paauhau Sugar Plantation, and Pacific Sugar Mill.
Location: Paauilo, Hamakua District
Trouble in Paradise
HSPA Hamakua Mill Company History

Hawaiian Agricultural Co. (aka Kau Sugar Co.)
Established in 1876, but didn't start producing sugar cane until 1880. It was known as Pahala Plantation though the corporation was called Hawaiian Agricultural Co. In 1972, Hawaiian Agricultural Co. was merged with Hutchinson Sugar Plantation Co. The merged companies were renamed Kau Sugar Co.
Founders: Peter C. Jones, Charles R. Bishop, J.D. Brewer, H.A.P. Carter, and others
Location: Pahala
Register of the Kau Sugar Co. (Hawaiian Agricultural Co.)

Hawi Mill (aka Hoea Mill)
Photograph of Hawi Mill

Hutchinson Sugar Plantation Co. (aka Kau Sugar Co.)
Established in 1868, it was one of the oldest sugar companies. The plantation was renamed Naalehu Sugar Plantation shortly after. After Hutchinson's death in 1873, William G. Irwin and Claus Spreckels purchased the plantation and renamed it Hutchinson Sugar Plantation. The company purchased Hilea Sugar Plantation in 1890. In 1910, it was purchased by C. Brewer & Co. In 1972, C. Brewer & Co. merged Hutchinson Sugar Plantation Co. with Hawaiian Agricultural Co. and renamed them Ka'u Sugar Company.
Founder: Alexander Hutchinson
Location: Naalehu
Register of Hutchinson Sugar Plantation Company

Honokaa Sugar Plantation
Established in 1876. It was the first plantation in the Hamakua area. In 1878, the Honokaa Sugar Company was formed by J. Marsden, J.F.H. Siemsen, J.C. Bailey, and M. McInerny, and F.A. Schaefer. In 1879, Schaefer formed another plantation next to Honokaa Sugar Co. called the Pacific Sugar Mill. It was merged with Honokaa in 1913. In 1978, Honokaa was merged with Laupahoehoe and became known as Davies Hamakua Plantation Ltd. It was later sold to Francis S. Morgan and renamed Hamakua Sugar Company.
Founders: J.F.H. Siemsen and J. Marsden
Location: Northeast coast of the island of Hawaii
Register of Honokaa Sugar Company

Kohala Sugar Co.
Established in 1863 by Reverend Elias Bond. Castle and Cooke were agents of Kohala Sugar Co. Closed in 1973.
Location: Halaula
Exploring the Big Island of Hawaii's North Kohala Coast
Kohala Ditch

Laupahoehoe Sugar Co.
Established in 1880. Merged with the Kaiwilahilahi Sugar Company in 1883. Both mills were closed in 1890. Production was then moved to Papaaloa Mill.
Founders: Theo H Davies and William Lydgate
Location: Laupahoehoe
Laupahoehoe Ghost Town
Register of the Laupahoehoe Sugar Co.

Niulii Mill
No information on this mill.
Olaa Sugar Co. (aka Puna Sugar Company)
Established in 1899 under the name Olaa Sugar Co. Olaa Sugar Company took over the Puna Sugar Company in 1905. By the 1950s, Puna was going through financial troubles. The name was officially changed to Puna Sugar Company in 1960. Financial conditions improved after land sales. By 1969, AMFAC owned Puna Sugar Co. In the 1980s, financial problems returned. The company was shut down in 1982.
Founders: B.F. Dillingham, Lorrin A. Thurston, Alfred W. Carter, Samuel M. Damon, and Wm. H. Shipman
Location: 9 miles from Hilo
Register of the Puna Sugar Company/Olaa Sugar Co.

Onomea Sugar Co. (aka Mauna Kea Sugar Co.)
Established in 1863. In 1888 three companies were consolidated: Onomea, Paukaa (originally owned by Jonathan Austin), and Papaikou (originally owned by Charles Whetmore and E.G. Hitchcock). The company was merged with Hilo Sugar Co. in 1965 under the name of Mauna Kea Sugar Co.
Founder: Judge S.L. Austin and E.H. Allen
Location: Hilo District
Register of the Mauna Kea Sugar Company (Onomea Sugar)

Ookala Sugar Co. (aka Kaiwiki Sugar Co.)
Established in the 1860s. It consisted of four different plantations over time. The first known plantation was Ookala established in 1869. The plantation was sold to the Hitchcock brothers in 1875. This group declared bankruptcy in 1909 and the plantation was bought out by Theo H. Davies & Co. At this point, it was renamed Kaiwiki Sugar Company. Kaiwiki merged with Laupahoehoe Sugar Co. in 1957. Kaiwiki Sugar Company ceased to exist after the merger.
Founder: Judge F.H. Harris
Location: Between Hamakua and Hilo Districts
Description of Voyage of Bark Daca
Register of Kaiwiki Sugar Company

Paauhau Sugar Plantation
Established in 1878 under the name Paauhau Plantation Company. In 1955, Paauhau Sugar Plantation merged with Paauhau Sugar Company. In 1972, Paauhau was sold to Honokaa Sugar Co.
Founders: Samuel Parker, R.A. Lyman, W.G. Irwin and Claus Spreckels
Location: Paauhau (between Honokaa and Paauilo)
Photograph of the Plantation HouRegister of Paahau Sugar Plantation

Pacific Sugar Mill
Established in 1879. The company was mismanaged. In 1913, it was merged with Honakaa Sugar Plantation. The mill was closed down and the equipment was sold to Mitsui Co. In 1928, the Pacific Sugar Mill name was formerly removed and it became known as the Kukuihaele Division of Honokaa Sugar Company.
Founders: F.A. Schaefer and Samuel Parker or Dr. Mott-Smith, Dr. Trousseau, Mr. Herbert Purvis.
Location: Between Honokaa and Waipio Valley
Register of the Pacific Sugar Mill

Pepeekeo Sugar Co. (aka Metcalf Plantation)
Established in 1857 under the name Metcalf Plantation. In 1874, the plantation was purchased by Mr. Afong and Mr. Achuck. The plantation was sold to H. Deacon and Alexander Young in 1889. It merged with Hanomu Sugar in 1946 and Hakalau Sugar in 1963. By 1971, Wainakua and Papaikou merged with Pepeekeo. In 1973, Pepeekeo merged with Maunu Kea and became the Maunu Kea Sugar Company.
Founder: Theophilus Metcalf
Register of the Hilo Coast Processing Co. (Pepeekeo Sugar)

Union Mill Co.
No information on this mill.
Some of the other plantations of the island of Hawaii:
Beecroft Plantation
Hakala Plantation
Hilo Portuguese Sugar Mill Co.
Honolu Sugar Co.
Kona Sugar Co.
Niulii Mill
Waiakea Mill Co.

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