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Ships Leaving Hawaii for Other Parts of the US
Compiled by Melody Lassalle

Ships from Honolulu to San Francisco
Ships are listed in date orderbr>
Please note that not all of these ships have passengers designated as Portuguese.

SS Mariposa (28 September 1893)
SS Oceania (4 October 1893)
SS Mariposa (22 December 1893)
SS Australia (3 May 1893)
SS Australia (31 May 1893)

SS Australia (13 Jan 1894)
SS Australia (21 Oct 1894)

SS Australia (28 Mar 1896

SS Alameda (28 Apr 1908)
SS Korea (29 Apr 1908)

SS China (22 Jan 1910)
SS Lurline (23 Feb 1910)

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Updated 9/5/05
© 2005 Melody Lassalle

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