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Portuguese Charity Society of Honolulu Directing Committees
Excerpted from "Portuguese Hawaiian Memories" by J.F. Freitas, page 255

The Portuguese Charity Society of Honolulu was founded in 1893 by Senhor A. S. de Souza Canavarro. Canavarro was the former Portuguese Consul in Honolulu. The society was formed to aid in child welfare, educational needs, family assistance, and so forth.

These are the members listed in Portuguese Hawawaiian Memories:

Mrs. Andrade
Mrs. J. J. Andrade
Mrs. F. Branco
Mr. A. D. Castro
Mrs. A. D. Castro
Mrs. A. A. Carreiro
Mrs. J. F. Carreiro
Mrs. L. Correa
Mrs. S. Correa
Mrs. A. Cunha
Mrs. T. F. Farm
Mrs. A. J. Fernandez
Mrs. V. Fernandez
Mrs. M. Ferreira
Mrs. A. Fraga
Mrs. J. A. Franca
Mr. J. F. Freitas
Mrs. M. Madeira
Mrs. J. S. Marques
Mrs. M. Menezes
Mrs. M. Nobrega
Mrs. Ottersen
Mr. Silva
Mrs. J. I. Silva
Mrs. A. V. Soares
Mrs. O. P. Soares
Mrs. F. C. Stone
Mrs. F. R. Tranquada
Mrs. J. Vierra
Mrs. M. Vierra
Mrs. M. D. Vivas

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