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All I Want For Christmas By Melody Lassalle

I have a few things on my Christmas wish list. World Peace is number one on my list. The other items seem just as impossible to attain. You got to have your dreams!

I would like...
my ancestors to leave me clear, detailed records.

I would like...
my cousins to remember all the faces in our photographs.

I would like...
to find another researcher who has researched beyond the generations that I have.

I would like...
the immigration records of the Kelly, Dolan, and Jones families.

I would like...
the names of Harry Jackson's parents.

I would like...
to learn the reason the Pacheco's started using Algravia.

I would like...
Hawaii to put their records on the Internet.

I would like...
a website with Sao Miguel Island's marriage index.

I would like...
the next volume of Rodrigo Rodrigues' books to be published.

I would like...
a dictionary that tells me what the words meant when my ancestors used them.

I would like...
my ancestors to drop hints as to where I can find those impossible records.

I would like...
Antonio Pacheco's birth record so I can separate reality from myth.

And, finally, I would like...
to find photographs of my great grandparents.

That doesn't seem too difficult for Santa Claus to deliver, now does it?

I hope that your Genealogy Christmas Dreams will come true this holiday season.

© 2004 Melody Lassalle

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