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Garden Island Newspaper Index
by Melody Lassalle

Newspapers can provide so much insight into the daily life of our ancestors. You can use the Interent to find these older newspapers though they are few and far between at this point. The Garden Island Newspaper Archive contains a small collection of back issues. These older newspapers provide for some interesting (if sometimes humorous) reading.

When working on your genealogy, you can name the people and the places in your ancestors’ lives. That meager information leaves much to be desired. There is a need to know who they really were, what were their days like, what was happening in the world that affected them, and so forth.

We’ve all visited libraries to look up information. Those visits where you’ve sat in some dark corner and blew the dust of the microfilm boxes which no one has opened in years. You worked on a rickety microfilm reader that made that annoying clicking sound...all so that you could find an obituary, marriage announcement, or other mention of your ancestor in newspapers.

Those same newspapers can be used as historical resources. The articles though not about your ancestors give you a look at many things that affected your ancestors’ lives. What events were occurring in the community and in the world? How much did things cost? What were the fashions? What songs were popular? What were the innovations that they were in awe of? Reading the events of the past help you place your ancestors within history. You can better visualize what their thoughts and dreams may have been. Their daily lives become a little clearer.

One usually can find old newspapers at universities and colleges or larger public libraries. It may take awhile to find the ones associated with your ancestors, but it will be well worth it. Slowly, but surely these older newspapers are making their way to the Internet. Hopefully, these efforts will increase as individuals show more interest in these aging archives.

The Garden Island Newspaper, the newspaper for Kauai, has added some vintage newspapers to their online archive (found at These are not entire newspapers, rather snippets of each issue. The articles provide a glimpse into the world of Kauai in the years mentioned. It's an interesting and sometimes comical view. Below is a listing of the issues that are available online. (Note: You may have to scroll down to find some of the mentioned issues.)

If you are interested in finding specific articles in the Garden Island Newspaper, there is an index online covering the years 1911-1925. Though the actual newspapers are not online, the index should help in finding specific issues which may be available at libraries. The index can be found at:

Jan 7, 1915, Jan 7, 1947, Jan 6, 1965

Feb 16, 1915, Feb 11, 1947, and Feb 6, 1965

Feb 17, 1920, Feb 20, 1934, and Feb 22, 1961

Mar 1920, Mar 6, 1934, and Mar 8, 1961

Mar 20, 1920 and Mar 22, 1961

Apr 6, 1920 and Apr 5, 1961

Apr 19, 1961, Apr 20, 1920, and Apr 17, 1934

May 4, 1920 and May 31, 1961

May 11, 1920, May 8, 1934, May 10, 1961

May 25, 1920, May 22, 1934, and 24 May 1961

June 1, 1920 and May 31, 1961

June 8, 1920, June 4, 1934, and July 7, 1961

June 29, 1920, June 19, 1934, and July 28, 1961

July 6, 1920, July 10, 1934, and July 12, 1961

July 13 and 20, 1920, July 17, 1934, and July 19, 1961

July 27, 1920, July 24, 1934, and July 26, 1961

Aug 7, 1934 and Aug 2, 1961

Aug 10, 1920, Aug 14, 1934, and Aug 16, 1961

Aug 24, 1920, Aug 28, 1934, and Aug 30, 1961

Sep 11, 1934 and Sep 13, 1961

Oct 12, 1920 and Oct 11, 1961

Oct 26, 1920, Oct 23 and 30th, 1934, and Nov 1, 1961

Nov 23, 1920 and Dec 18, 1934

© 2002 Melody Lassalle
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