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Portuguese Hawaiian Immigration: A Research Guide
By Melody Lassalle

A 16 page guide--$10.00

Locating your ancestors' immigration records can be a challenge. Their are many resources available. However, not all resources work with all research problems.

This guide will help kick start your immigration research. Many resources are recommended that will help you determine the year of immigration for your ancestor. Once you know the year of immigration, this guide will help you locate specific immigration records. It also includes historical information to help you better understand the sugar plantation migration era.

Take a peek at what's included in this guide:

Section I -- Historical Background--learn about the events leading up to the Portuguese migration to Hawaii

Section II--Preliminary Research--documentation that will help you determine immigration information

Section III--Immigrations Indexes--information on indexes available for research

Section IV--Original Records--information on some of the original documentation available for research

Section V--Using the Internet to find Immigration Records--brief summary of the records available on the Internet

Section VI--Complications of Research: A Research Example--follow the immigration trail for the Pacheco family

Section VII--The Ships--list of the 29 ships that made their way to Hawaii

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Note: This file is in PDF format. You will need Adobe Acrobat to view it.


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© 2002 Melody Lassalle
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