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Your Island Roots: Researching Your Portuguese Ancestry in Hawaii
By Melody Lassalle

A 35 page guide--$15.00

Researching your Portuguese-Hawaiian ancestors can be frustrating. Records are located in a variety of repositories with no clear guidelines as to who has what. It often takes several attempts to locate the specific records you need. Also, the information recorded in these records can be misleading. For example, many obituaries state that individuals were "a native of Honolulu" when the individual never resided there in their life.

Your ancestors may have complicated things by having too common of a surname or changing their name altogether. Your ancestors may have made several migrations, i.e., from the Açores to the Hawaiian Islands then to California. The stories passed down from generation to generation may have transformed carrying only a fraction of the real story. With that said, always keep an open mind when doing research as you may end up somewhere you never dreamed you be!

This book will walk you through the resources that are available to the Portuguese Hawaiian researcher. You’ll learn what records will answer certain questions and how to get the most from your research.

Take a peek at what's inside!

~~Section I: A Brief History

Events leading up to the Portuguese migration to Hawaii
Introduction of foreign contract laborers
Introduction of Portuguese contract laborers

~~Section II: Genealogical Records in Hawaii
Census (Kingdom and Federal)
Church records
City and telephone directories
Land records
Leprosy deportations to the island of Molokai
Sugar plantation records
Vital Statistics (birth, marriage, death, and divorce)

~~Section III: Additional Information
Counties of Hawaii
28 Districts in the Territory of Hawaii, 1947
Religions and the year of foundation
How to find…
Portuguese Hawaiian records available at the FHL
Portuguese Hawaiian related indexes and databases on the Internet
Where to write for information in Hawaii
Helpful books, LDS research aids, videos, and DVDs

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