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This is the place to explore Portuguese Hawaiian Genealogy and Heritage

If your ancestors were from the Azores, Madeira, Portugal, Cape Verde, or Brasil and migrated to Hawaii, you will find something of interest here!

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Meaning of Names

Portuguese Hawaiian Genealogy Indexes
Azores Islands Passports Registrations

Early Settlers from Faial to Hawaii

Early Settlers from Flores to Hawaii

Early Settlers from Pico to Hawaii

First Portuguese Women To Hawaii, 1865

Portuguese Passengers on Ships from Hawaii

Portuguese Charity Society Members

Portuguese Hawaiian Memories

Portuguese in the Hawaii Legislature, 1890-1978

Santo Antonio Society Founders

Santo Antonio Society Officers, 1919

UPEC Founding Members, 1875

Wailea Sugar Mill, 1938-1939: Officers and Personnel

Portuguese Hawaiian Reference Shelf
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Sugar Plantation Registers (Brief Histories)
Hawaiian Sugar Planters Assn. Archives
Basic Portuguese Paleography
Excerpted by Kathy Cardoza
Research Guide for Madeira
Pat Corbera
Sugar Mills of Hawaii
Sanborn Fire Insurance Lists
Portuguese Geography Translations
Rick Barletta
Azoreans to California
Robert L. Santos

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~~~The Portuguese Hawaiian Genealogy and Heritage Website~~~

First article posted September 2001...Celebrating our 14th Year!

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Complete Portuguese Hawaiian Article Index

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How to research your family Portuguese Hawaiian ancestry, research tips, resources, research journals, and more

I've got a genealogy blog! Read the Research Journal Blog--Read the Newest Entries!

Start Here: How to Research Your Portuguese Roots by Cheri Mello
Portuguese Hawaiian Genealogy: Information to Help You Explore Your Roots

Portuguese Baptismal Record Translation Cheat Sheet

Learn more about your Portuguese Hawaiian heritage, read about notable Portuguese Hawaiians, find recipes, and more

My Genealogy Journey: Addicted to Genealogy
Are you interested in DNA and Genealogy Research? Read about my adventures with DNA testing.
Learn about the Azores DNA Project at FTDNA

Updated 12/13/2014 Your Online Family Trees and Websites
Read The Maui Girl Stories by Donna Austin
Antonio Ferreira Tavares: From Bretanha to the Hawaiian Senate

genealogy treeHistory~Hawaii genealogy treePortuguese Genealogy
Did you know the first Hawaii sugar plantation was a failure?
The First Koloa Sugar Plantation, 1830s

Ready to research in the Azores, Brasil, Cape Verde, Madeira, and Portugal? Need US tips? Find resources to further your knowlege.
Genealogical Resources for the Azores


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